Labiaplasty, although rarely mentioned out in public, is one of the most-googled and commonly-performed cosmetic surgery procedures globally. Highly-effective and safe, Labiaplasty offers a solution for women`s concerns as regards their labia (the lips or folds of skin that surround the vagina), namely:

  • Discontentment as regards the size, discoloration, or length of the labia
  • Distress related to intercourse, such as pain, discomfort, and irritation
  • Misery associating certain physical activities, such as pain from twisting and/or tugging while exercising (e.g. riding a bike)

The Labiaplasty procedure

Labiaplasty  Saudi Arabia

This relatively simple, provided that it is done by a talented and experienced surgeon, procedure involves the trimming of the excess labial tissue so that the inner labia no longer extend past the outer labia, with the outcome of a beautiful and more-youthful looking labia.

For women who have long been unhappy with how their labia look like, or have had to suffer discomfort or pain because of loose and redundant labial tissue, this procedure can boost the way they feel about their bodies as well as their emotional and physical comfort with intercourse. The surgery usually lasts for 30 – 60 minutes, with a fast recovery for most, and even some women are able to resume work within a couple of days.

Are you a candidate for Labiaplasty?

Usually, women with enlarged inner and outer labia that cause them discomfort or pain, or those who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their redundant vaginal lips (labia) are considered good candidates for Labiaplasty. Long labia may cause pain during sexual intercourse, physical exercise or even while wearing tight or skinny jeans.

Your Labiaplasty consultation

Opting for a cosmetic surgery procedure is indeed an important decision that should never be rushed. That is why Dr. Dina Abo Saada always takes the time to talk and discuss with you everything related to the procedure, its indications, details as well as expected outcomes.

You will be absolutely free to ask any questions that you might have about the procedure. Dr. Dina Abo Saada is keen to have you fully-informed and confident while taking the decision to proceed for the procedure that not only can improve the appearance of your genitals but may rejuvenate your love life as well!