Labial Augmentation

Are you under the impression that your labia are too thin, too small or too narrow? Do you relish the dream of having fuller and plumper labia? If so, Labial Augmentation could be the answer. It is designed to increase the size and enhance the shape of the labia majora (the larger, outer fold of the vulva). The procedure is also designed to correct any relative imbalance in the shape, and improve firmness.

What is Labial Augmentation?

Labial Augmentation Saudi Arabia
Labial Augmentation

With the progression of age, women tend to suffer a continuous loss of fat from the Labia majora, with the quality of the skin also changing. This, by time, could lead to an unpleasant appearance which may negatively affect the confidence and well-being of women and can also cause emotional discomfort during intimate relations.

Labial Augmentation is addressing all these concerns.

We have two main cosmetic solutions for volume replacement of the labia majora; body`s-own fat transfer, or the injection of readily-available cosmetic fillers in a quick and safe clinic-based procedure.

Deciding on which cosmetically-beautifying option relies on clinical assessment and the specific needs of each woman on an individual basis.

Your Labial Augmentation consultation

Opting for a cosmetic surgery procedure is indeed an important decision that should never be rushed. That is why Dr. Dina Abo Saada always takes the time to talk and discuss with you everything related to the procedure, its indications, details as well as expected outcomes.

You will be absolutely free to ask any questions that you might have about the procedure. Dr. Dina Abo Saada is keen to have you fully-informed and confident while taking the decision to proceed for the procedure that not only can improve the appearance of your genitals but may rejuvenate your love life as well!